Taste of Japan Cooking School

How about it as a memory of the trip?

with local cooking

A professional cooking class offered by a company with 20 years of history.

Located in the heart of Nagoya with excellent access to major subway stations.
Experience Japanese culture through traditional Japanese cuisine.
Learn about ‘Nagoya Meshi’ dishes like Tebasaki (chicken wings), Miso Katsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce), and Taiwan Mazesoba.
Groups are also warmly welcomed.

The lesson looks like this

The lesson content

Approximately 2 hours in duration

Learn ‘Ichiju Sansai’ from a Japanese mother

• Rice
• Miso soup
• Teriyaki chicken
• Ohitashi (blanched greens)

Why not try making a healthy Japanese meal?

One soup and three dishes

What is “Ichiju Sansai”?
“Ichiju Sansai” is said to be the basis of Japanese cuisine.
This menu combines rice, the staple food of Japanese people, with soup and three side dishes.
You can get a well-balanced intake of the three nutrients your body needs: “something that gives you energy,” “something that builds your body,” and “something that regulates your body.”

A Japanese mother makes “Ichiju Sansai”
·miso soup
·Teriyaki chicken
I will teach you.
Would you like to make a healthy set meal?

¥6,000 per person

Bento Making Experience

You will prepare items such as tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), karaage (Japanese fried chicken), and gomaae (sesame spinach). Pack them into a ‘bento box’ for lunch

¥6,000 per person

Ramen Making Experience

We’ll knead the noodles from wheat flour and run them through a pasta machine. You’ll learn how to make both a rich and a simple soup. Toppings include chashu, menma, soft-boiled egg, and green onions. You’ll receive the instructor’s recommended ramen as a souvenir.”

¥8,000 per person

Miso Nikomi Udon Cooking Experience

Learn to make Nagoya’s specialty dish, ‘Miso Nikomi Udon.’ You’ll knead the wheat to make the noodles and cut them with a knife. We’ll also prepare the soup using ‘red miso

¥8,000 per person

The schedule for the day

  1. The instructor will provide a demonstration.
  2. After the demonstration, you will cook together with the instructor.
  3. We will take a commemorative photo with the finished dishes.
  4. Everyone will enjoy the finished dishes together.


Sakae Gas Building 6F, 3-15-33 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya 5 minutes on foot from Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Line 5 minutes on foot from Yabacho Station on the Meijo Line (West side of Matsuzakaya N

Important points to note

  • If we receive a cancellation notice from 3 days before the event up to the day of the event, a cancellation fee equivalent to one session will be charged.
  • Please make payment on-site in cash or by credit card
  • The requested date is not yet confirmed. Please await a response from our company
  • Lessons are available in English and Japanese. For other languages, please inquire.

※The photograph is an image

If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us first. (Please write in English or Japanese.)

Taste of Japan Cooking School

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